About Janine, owner of Happy Wo-Man:

Janine Vermeulen, is a social and creative entrepreneur since 2002.
She developed (social and sustainable)community projects in empowerment, storytelling and social arts in the Netherlands, e.g. in Leiden, The Hague, Amsterdam.
She also developed empowerment and dance trainings/workshops in e.g. France, Germany and the Netherlands.
After her study international law and her carreer at the public government, she continued studying in professional courses in storytelling, art, coaching, empowerment, Tantra and psychodrama. For more than 15 years she performed various types of improvised dance, music and visual arts. She mixes aspects of these disciplines through her workshops and trainings.

About Happy Wo-Man:

  • Happy Wo-Man is an empowerment and yoga center (Happy Wo-Man) at Amsterdam New West.
  • You can follow workshops, training and private sessions for your personal development (see below).
  • You can hire Happy Wo-man by your company for teambuilding, visioning, group and personal coaching, training in empowerment and community development
    (see below).
  • You can hire space for your own events: we have a room 25m2 for private sessions, coaching, lunch meeting etc. and a room of 81m2 for yoga, dance, bigger meetings, music etc (see schedule and photo’s under: “verhuur” in the menu). Catering is also possible.
  • You can buy sustainable products in the webshop of Happy Wo-Man, like handmade clothes.

At the Empowerment and Yoga center, you can join courses in (several types of) Yoga, Mindfulness, Tantra & Massage (also performed by others).Details and data: see “verhuur”
In the sewing workshop Janine and volunteers make & sell hippy-style clothes and upcycled vintage. You can order them also in the webshop.

Examples of workshops Happy Wo-man organizes at festivals and for companies are:

Empowerment workshop:

In this workshop we invite people for a shining magic make-over! A playful & empowering workshop with roleplay, improvised dance and drama. Perfect for group work, personal development, teambuilding and cultural events.

Sustainability workshop:

Renew your consciousness about our beautiful earth together in a social and playful way!People bring their own clothes and make something artistic, new in a creative way. While they pimp their favorites, we invite them to tell stories about their lives, neighnourhood, familiy, culture, company etc. An inspiring workshop with beautiful guidance in consciousness for sustainability in a connecting way. several thems possible for your own quest!

storytelling workshop:

Sheherazades storytelling tent: interactive storytelling in an atmosphere of 1001 night love stories and other themes. Perfect for teambuilding and cultural events. We can focus at the performing itself or in the storytelling principles for making your own stories. With all the themes and questions you may have, let us know!

Teambuilding workshop:

In this workshop we go outside, to the Sloterplas, which is only 5 minutes walk from our place! We wander through nature and collect herbs and plants to make lunch. back at our place,together with our Happy Dancing and Singing Cook, we make lunch! While eating together, you may design your vision, your working program or your business incentives in a complete different way!

Company/group vision experience:

A whole day with innovative teambuilding and visionning! Janine as group coach and facilitator, invites and challenges people with a sense of humor. We offer you a Tailor-made programs to deepen the connection, productivity and motivation in your team or company. Tell us your wishes and we design a tranformative program for you and your team. Janine works together with artists and trainers.


For information please send an email to: happywomandesign@gmail.com or call: 0613795437.